Easter Island

Where do Easter bunnies come from?
The emigration history of an island “far, far away”!

An Easter voyage of discovery for centre visitors
Dutch seafarer Jacob Roggeveen discovered a mysterious island in the South Pacific on 5 April 1722. This showpiece now tells – with details and many moveable figures – why this island became world-famous Easter Island.

Why Rapa Nui became Easter Island
We tell the story behind the story.
Explorers wondered about the mysterious sculptures. A first research group investigated the island.
But except for palm trees, why was there only grass on Easter Island?
The rabbits were surprised that any kinds of flowers were missing.
Back home in Europe there were flowers at Easter.
The rabbits also wanted this spring-like sea of flowers for the islands in the Pacific.
Other expeditions sailed to far away islands and brought all sorts of flowers and plants to the Easter Islands.
When the rabbits wanted to plant, they made a wonderful discovery in the holes they dug.
Rabbits had apparently landed on the islands a long time ago. The researchers found painted eggs in every plant hole.
So Easter bunnies must have inhabited the islands before our time. The island received the name Easter Island after this discovery by the Easter bunnies!

The Easter Islands are discovered
Before Easter Island can be planted, it first has to be discovered by the rabbits.
The individual stations show the discovery, wasteland, conquest, excavation, re-cultivation and archaeological rediscovery.

Does the exhibition fit in my centre?
Depending on the available activity area, we can individually plan your exhibition and also find small and large solutions.
The best conditions to take local circumstances into account are created with our individually rentable sculptures and the figures which can be positioned separately.

Information boards
Explanatory information boards in a suitable design can also be rented for the exhibition and for every scene.

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