3 D Printing

Pistol (3 D print made of special plastic)

  • Product Nu. : 59-0003-GN
  • Price on Request


1 GhostGun GS-R (grip right)

2 GhostGun GS-L (handle left)

3 GhostGun S (sleds)

4 GhostGun A (deduction)

5 GhostGun ZE (strain relief cable conduit)

7 GhostGun SS (hose protection)

8 GhostGun DS (Diode fuse)



Scope of delivery: Printing costs, assembly of the individual parts, screwing, wiring, use of electronics of the client.

Installation of a class 1 laser diode.

For this, it should be noted that the client himself ensures the appropriate testing of the diode.

The client is advised to provide a clearance certificate before using the pistol with the public.

If this is not possible, the gun can be opened and the laser diode deactivated.


Printing costs per cm3 Onyx FFF filament

  • Product Nu. : 59-0001-3D
  • Price on Request