Easter on the Farm - compact 4 x 4 meters

Product Nu. : 26-0219-GR
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Scene description:


Rabbits and chickens run a farm, because the human farmers make holiday on Easter Island.


Figures with movement:

4 hens and 4 rabbits.


Figures without movement:

1 cow, 1 calf, 1 pig, piglet 3, 1 horse, 1 farm dog


Scenes and finishing materials:

1 barn, 1 WC Cottage, 1 pile of manure, straw bales, 5 milk cans, 4 baskets without content, 3 baskets with artificial eggs, assortment of painted artificial eggs, 1 pig trough, forks, rakes, loose straw, 1 sound system, barnyard noises