Christmas in a Box "look in the gift packaging department"

Product Nu. : 37-1026-DS
Price on Request

Product description: Backdrop of a goods receipt from a small manufactory with loading lamp and through a large window (55 "monitor) in the virtual gift packaging.

In front of the ramp, a reindeer with sled awaits the loading on the stacked boxes and presents a Christmas elf and compares the wish list with the delivery papers and bills for the gift transport.

Film content: The view into the virtual gift packaging department shows a conveyor belt with gifts. A flight compensator protrudes from the ceiling wrapping paper over the toys and wraps them miraculously. A high-spirited Christmas elf comes into the process and is also packaged. The scene repeats after 1.5 minutes.

Small decoration: wooden barrels, work clothes of elves, work and shift plans, sackcloth, mouse on crate

Measurements: 180 x 80 x 195 cm