Figure selection Vestsealandcentret Danish Nisse figures

Product Nu. : 65-0011-GR
Price on Request

1 x naked Nisse with swimming trunks. The figure moves with one arm the towel which is wrapped around the figure.

1 x Nisse with packages

1x Nisse sitting on a (scooter) and wearing motorbike goggles (the one standing in front of Santa's sleigh in the drawing).

1x Nisse with a spanner, who is in the process of fixing the other scooter.

1x Nisse sitting, who has to sit in a (go-kart) with intoxicating goggles (the one in the background of the drawing)

1x Nisse packing parcels in the (house)

1 x Nisse decorating the (Christmas) tree

1 x Nisse who builds something

Objects that are set in ( ) only serve to clarify the plot and do not belong to the scope of delivery.

8 x Power supply unit or transformer

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