Bruno the talking tree

Product Nu. : 4-0025-DB
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Bruno is a tree that can talk.

This figure is made of 300 cm high and made of fiberglass reinforced plastic.

The tree performs a voice-controlled mouth movement. The branches can be disassembled for transport. The eyelids move up and down programmatically. The branches are covered with artificial snow.

Tree belongs to a storybook with an interactive choice of 1-5 different tale. The tree speaks the story, which was just previously selected by the user. The storybook comes with bracket / stand. Operating height adjustable.

Electricity 230 volts. Operating voltage 24 volts. Sound system 70 watts. Digital Storage in MP3 format. Location SD card.

The article can be purchased or rented.

Dimensions of Bruno:

Base = 130 x 160 cm

Crown diameter = 500 cm

(370 cm in height determined)

Stem height without knots = 260 cm


Height in the lowest construction = 370 cm

Height in the highest construction = 470 cm