Transmission gnome new in the rental warehouse!!



For the coming Christmas period our new show piece „Transmission gnomes decorate a Christmas tree“ is available in the rental warehouse for an event area in a hotel, shopping centre, or Christmas market.

What is happening there:
Many 75 cm tall gnome figures stand up on the pedals and activate a conveyor belt, which turns a Christmas tree. From a scaffold, a gnome is trying to decorate a rotating Christmas tree with a string of lights. Another gnome is already sitting in the tree and attaching Christmas baubles.

Who is it for:
This compact and easy to build show piece is conceived for small to medium promotions areas.

•    Short assembly time 
•    Manageable transport costs 
•    Few components 
•    Many preassembled components 
•    Extensive accessories for decoration

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We Focus on

We also create specialist solutions, such as the development of especially compact showpieces for small-scale campaign spaces in shopping centres. We also offer many of our showpieces for hire.

The possibility of hiring our products offers some key advantages to our customers, for example: no storage costs and the immediate write-off possibility of the hire fee for the hiring party.

Visitors to our website can find the current hire prices under the product search option.

Each item has a hire-price unless it is currently on hire.

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Moving Showpieces are our World

Some examples of our remarkable custom-made products.

Here are some of the best examples of the huge variety of custom-made products and delivery locations we have realised in the past:

  • Creation of a flying carpet for the President of Turkmenistan.
  • Supplying Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to New Caledonia (a French island in the South Pacific).
  • Construction of a 13 metre high, publicly accessible tree-house for a leading German Christmas decorations retailer.
  • Construction of set of 8.80 metre high replica spruce trees, weighing under 50 kg, for a leading department store on the Tauentzien Strasse in Berlin.
  • Creating the biggest transportable model railway set in Germany, „Spur G“, for hire and sale at a shopping centre in Offenbach.
  • We built the first piano-playing and singing moose at a grand piano, which we offer for hire every year at Christmas time.
  • We have created ball chairs for marketing campaigns at airports.
  • Our stock includes the biggest car racing circuit for Easter bunnies, with two lanes, a lane width of 170 cm and a length of over 60 metres.
  • We constructed the biggest walk-on pyramid made from Easter eggs for a decoration project named Egg-gypt.

We Have a Lot More

We design, manufacture, sell and offer for hire revolving stages and moving systems for light and heavy presentational items.

We stock figures for performers, branded items, retailers, etc.

We can use your logo, mascots or your representative figure on a three dimensional basis.

We can create the moving or stationary attraction for your advertising space.

We can also manufacture weather-proof outdoor figures, as well as magical fairytale figures for the purposes of interior decoration.

Many of our show-pieces are also available to hire for specific periods of time.

On the following pages you can see a small extract from our programme which highlights the wide variety of things that our company offers.

We look forward to receiving your order and ensuring its successful completion.



The rental price is valid for 4 weeks. Rental extensions cost per week is 13% of the monthly rent.

Rental reductions with 13% of the monthly rent is deducted.

Minimum rent at Christmas and Easter articles are 4 weeks.

At the conclusion of the rental contract, a deposit of 30 % of the total rental amount will apply.