Frequently asked questions:

Running with power or battery?
Answer: Our figures work mainly with a 24 volt operating voltage, but use 230 volts from the power outlet. With transformers or power supplies is in the low voltage range transformed. This provides security for every user.

Where are the figures produced?
Answer: We produce in Germany and use high quality materials mainly German and European suppliers. The motors run not only how movements, they come from a mountain range of the country of origin of the watchmaking industry.

How big is a figure?
Answer: standard sizes are 75 cm, 120 cm and 180 cm size. Special designs up to 450 cm are for us but also no problem.

Do I need to buy a figure if I only for a certain period of time?
Answer: For a trip to Majorca you must buy a plane.
All of the characters for the inner area can also be used for a certain period of time rent from us.

What weighs as a figure about?
Answer: Our 75 cm large figures weigh an average of 7.5 kg.

How are the figures to us?
Answer: small individual figures up to 75 cm We ship with DHL or other parcel services.
Same figures but several characters fit size to 6 or 8 pieces in a pallet box and will then be shipped by freight carrier.

Transport ?
Answer: We let the figures or show pieces by parcel service or forwarding to pick up.

From what material are the figures made of ?
Answer: We use steel, polyurethane, polyester resins, assembly materials, plush material and natural materials such as wood, linen, wool and cotton.