Our world is the manufacture of movable show pieces, parade of costumes, advertising figures, large characters, plastic productions,

facade activity of specialist shops and much more.

We are concerned with the design and production of e.g.:
Dwarves, Christmas men, animal figures, exhibition objects, replica or decorative experience islands for shopping center, advertising communities, leisure and fairytale park.

We design, manufacture, sell and rent rotary stages and movement facilities for light and heavy exhibition goods.

We perform figures for the fairground, brand manufacturers, retailers, etc.

we put your logo, mascot or their detection character in three dimensions.
We create the movable or immovable attraction for your advertising.

Weather-resistant exterior characters you can make with us as well as fairytale figures for interior decoration.

With us you can also a large part of our show pieces for a certain period of time to rent.

On the following pages you will see a small part of our program that will give you the diversity of our business.

We are looking forward to their tasks and their implementation.