Christmas in Mousetown

Having mice in the centre does not always mean having to call the pest controller.
Even customers with a fear of mice will find this themed decoration funny.

This show piece with its animated figures gives interesting and unusual insights into the lives of the mice… more

This Christmas Train Can Make Childhood Dreams Come True for Adults Too!

This Christmas attraction has been designed especially for narrow but long promotions areas. Here you can find out about the longest animated “teeming” picture ever to stand in a shopping centre.

We will shorten this fun attraction to the size of your promotions area if required… more


The Animal Christmas Bakery

The top theme at Christmas is baking. This is superb fun and mostly features animated animal figures.

Find out about this emotional show piece with its cute animal figures, and take a look at the film and pictures… more

The Teddy Bears’ Christmas Market

Teddy bears are popular across different generations and cultures. They are ideally suited to advertising and are also used in this way by well-known brands.

These fluffy fellows have set up a human-style Christmas market in our show piece. Lots of animated bears operate market stands, or go round on carousels or the big wheel.

You will find lots of cute detailed decoration here in this show piece presentation.

Europe: a Winter Journey

Here we present you with an attraction for lively winter decoration.

The promotions areas are brought to life by many animated figures in portrayals of various countries. All the popular clichés of neighbouring European countries are featured and packed in snowy looking cotton wool.

The ideal image of Europe is here lovingly presented with a wealth of detail. Find out more about this theme…  Here

Little Santas

Find out about the classic among animated Christmas decorations here.

Our friendly little red men act at eye-level with the target audience and get everything ready for the biggest festival of the year. Pay attention to your little audience and give them lots of little reasons to visit your point of sale again.

Gift Wrapping Machine

This year you can offer your customers a fascinating and exclusive look behind the scenes of Santa’s workshop.

Even Father Christmas has had to automate; after all, we are in the 21st century now.

Together with his loyal helpers, the green Christmas elves, he packs all the gifts and prepares for all the eager children and adults all over the world. Find out about this 11-metre-long and 2.5-metre-wide attraction Here

A Wonderland of Books

Give your customers the opportunity to see the best-known fairy tales and adventure books from the standpoint of a bookworm. The change in perspective will fascinate you and your customers.

Animated fairy tale figures seem to leave the books and come to life between the pages.

If this has made you curious, you can go to see more background information on this imposing show piece Here

The book Elves

The beauty of this display lies in its detailed presentation of the normally hidden world of the Book Elves.
This display is well suited to small and medium-sized areas.
Find out here about the extraordinary habitat of Father Christmas’s helpers.

The appeal of this Christmas attraction is action on the covers and spines of books.

The Christmas Circus

It’s a big industry trend at Christmas to bring the circus theme into focus once again. There has been a Christmas circus in Stuttgart, Berlin and many other cities for 24 years now.

You can find details, film, and pictures Here

Fairy Tale Christmas

With our multi-faceted fairy tale display, you will transform your promotions areas into a three-dimensional fairy tale book with attractions on all floors. Even in the age of smartphones and tablet computers, the target audience grows back every year. Lots of animated fairy tale figures will enchant your customers across the generations.

Find out about this enchantingly good display here, featuring favourites such as Snow White and Cinderella.

Floating Christmas ladies

For those who would like to keep the floorspace of their centre free for tenants, our “Floating Christmas Ladies” are a stylish way to add beauty to the mall’s airspace.

You can find interesting information, design examples, and technical details Here

Rudis Packing Team

This modern Christmas display full of colour, movement and joy can be rented or purchased with new staff. Rudi’s reindeer friends wrap Christmas presents with the big machine.

You can find interesting information, design examples, and technical details Here