The VON HIPPEL GmbH was founded by us in 1993 with great idealism and high commitment and the joy of creative elan. For more than 23 years, we have been producing our lovingly designed figures, great scenery and imaginative mock-ups in our halls in Germany. It is a proof that it is still possible to be economically successful and offer people socially acceptable in Germany work.

In the year 2014 we dared to move the company from Wesel am Niederrhein to Mecklenburg Vorpommern into the smallest and most beautiful state capital of the Federal Republic of Germany – to Schwerin. More than 50 saddle-pullers, a lot of idealism, anticipation for something new and a little sadness accompanied us to the new home.

In the meantime, over the course of time, we have created and created nearly 2400 products over the course of time, sending and sending out cheerful Easter and Christmas emotions all over the world.

Our figures are designed with a high degree of craftsmanship using traditional techniques and methods; at the beginning the development of the characters, then the implementation of the sketches from the paper into a clay model for the head up to the mold making and finally the mold casting takes place. Similarly, the emergence of the hands and feet is followed. With the use of mouth-blown eyes we breathe life into our characters. In our tailoring shop they receive their clothing according to their character.

The movement apparatus of the figures is also developed, designed and technically implemented in our company at a high level. This way, unique and unique products or unique pieces are produced from a single source.

Trolls, elves, fairies, Little Red Riding Hood & Co, villains and last but not least the Santa Claus and the Easter bunny populate our new Schwerin facility and wait longingly for their performances all over the world to delight children’s hearts and conjure up the adult smile.

Christmas houses, easter houses, small train stations, witches’ houses, castle ruins, yurts, tents, stalls and pyramids, the Eiffel Tower, Leaning Tower of Pisa etc. are impressive scenery for the small and big stories.

Likewise, large-scale projects are realized from the idea through the conception to the implementation at our company.

Recently, the “Eiger Nordwand”

“The incredible Christmas gift packaging machine” and as the latest project “Christmas in the box”.

Technical “know-how”, thought-through designs and imaginative design become our trademark.

In this way, both living and naturalistic exhibits with a historically correct background for museums, cruise ships and recreational parks are developed and realized together with our customers.