Easter on the farm

Country Easter themes are particularly popular with urban audiences.

Offer your customers a taste of the country in their local shopping centre by booking this display. The long-eared workers are worthy stand-ins for the farmers during the Easter period. Details of the display, pictures and a video are available Here

Allotment bunnies

Almost every town has its own colony of gardeners, and Easter bunnies are just as keen on allotments as the rest of us. This spring installation is ideal for small, medium-sized and large display spaces. With allotments now more popular than ever before, this detailed display with a whole range of references to the real world of the amateur gardener is sure to catch the public’s attention.

Treat your customers to some amusing insights into the perfect world of the gardening bunny… Here

Travel into spring

This Easter display will whisk your customers away to experience the joys of spring.

Our Easter bunnies have chosen many different ways to travel as they head out into the countryside. From A to Z, we have put together wonderfully detailed scenes with a dose of humour that will bring a smile to your visitors’ faces. Find out more about the travelling bunnies Here

The emancipation of hens

The Easter bunny is actually the second link in the chain. In fact, the hen comes before all other Easter figures. Without these hard-working representatives of the feathered population, there would be no eggs – and therefore no Easter eggs. Our hens are increasingly aware of their importance and are showing the bunnies who’s boss. The ladies are running the whole farm, proving to your visitors that Easter is possible without their long-eared friends.

Give your customers an unexpected insight into the world of the feathered egg producer. Pictures and a video are available Here

Welcome to Circus Carrotti

Clear the ring for the artistic Easter bunny. Easter is a colourful theme and our colourfully dressed, long-eared artistes are in perfect keeping with the spring mood. We show your visitors the world of the circus from the Easter bunny’s perspective on one large or several small display spaces. Discover the funny decorative details, colourful pictures and a video Here

Modern life
The Easter bunny lifestyle attraction

Easter bunnies are fed up just decorating eggs and attending bunny school. Now, our long-eared Easter friends are emulating their human role models and embracing modern lifestyle. Share some funny moments from a copied world with your customers. From gyms to fashion shows, the bunnies are doing everything we do – and in some cases better. Your customers will enjoy the humorous scenes. Find out how to organise this entertaining display Here


Easter present wrapping machine

Do you have space for a 11 x 2.3-metre Easter attraction? If so, keep reading to find out all about the entertaining Easter present wrapping machine. The bunnies have put together a fully automatic machine to master the task of efficiently wrapping as many Easter presents as possible. Find out more about this unique Easter display Here

Easter egg decorating machine

Anyone who thinks that Easter eggs are painted by cute little bunnies should take a look at this monster egg decorating machine. The bunnies reckoned that big eggs need big solutions, and built a huge construction. All those with 8 x 2 metres’ space in their centre can find out about this unusual structure here. Take a look Here

Football is King of the (bunny) world

It’s football time again. -World Cup-European Cup-Bundesliga. There are so many opportunities to use football in publicity. Now, it’s the turn of the Easter bunnies. Give your customers an entertaining insight into the world of bunny football. 2018 is the perfect time for this display in the run-up to the World Cup in Russia. You can find more images and a video Here


The secret of Easter Island

The secret of Easter Island is revealed to the center visitors on one large or 5 smaller action areas. This unique exhibition with the large Moai sculptures and many moving rabbits will delight your customers. You can find out more about this Easter event here.