“Modern life” Great lifestyle

Bunnies now also populate our town. Shopping centres and window displays are particularly popular with the furry city dwellers.
After years of observing their human role models, they are now exactly emulating our lifestyle.
Beautifully designed scenes give visitors an entertaining look in the mirror.
Modern lifestyle and everyday situations – recreated by the cuddly bunnies from von Hippel GmbH.


Moving figures bring the Modern Life display alive.

You can choose from a range of scenes and displays:
* Beach volleyball
* Football
* Ghetto bunnies with skateboards, half-pipes and ghetto blaster
* Vegetarian fast food at McRadish
* Syrup fracking: bunnies drill for sugar beet syrup
* Shopping Queen: bunnies on the catwalk
* Carrot Sunrise tanning studio: UV fur treatment
* Climbing wall: bunnies climb on a huge egg
* Gym: bunnies keep themselves fit for work

We can produce large-scale or small scenes to meet your space restrictions.

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