Bee Exhibition

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In the newly arranged bee exhibition, visitors interested in nature learn everything about the honey bee. A small insect with a huge impact on humans and nature.

Without the honey bee, this small and peaceful insect, there would be neither fragrant, colourful flowers nor bright red strawberries, cherries and many other fruits and vegetables.

With your decision for the bee exhibition, you offer children, pupils and parents a new and instructive insight into the world of honey bees. Your visitors will learn in a vivid and tangible way about the central importance of the honey bee for man and nature.
The focus of the bee exhibition is on innovative and pedagogically valuable learning content, which is conveyed using movable models and exhibits.

We have already planned your exhibition. 4 sets consisting of several exhibits oriented to standard areas and truck transport volumes are available for rent.
We offer lots of explanatory panels on the subject of bees

The exhibition includes: A bee enlarged 250 times, a beekeeper figure with built-in monitors, beehives as decorative elements, glass honeycombs with enlarged exhibits, a force measuring device for children and young people who would like to activate 3 % of a bee’s muscle power themselves, a 300 cm tall bee head with head cinema on three monitors, an interactive bee stinger, mechanical wing beat simulators, a giant grizzly bear guarding honey candies, activity tables with painting materials and much more.

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