Easter present wrapping machine

Easter bunnies go high tech!

The Easter bunnies have now also discovered the potential of industrial production.
The bunnies show how Easter eggs and presents are produced today with the huge Easter present wrapping machine
from von Hippel GmbH.
A fun take on the process. 


A very special attraction

The bunnies appear to throw the presents into the large rotating funnel, and centrifugal force then seems to carry them to the wrapping area. Bunnies and visitors check what is going on inside the machine on a screen, and an animation film demonstrates just what happens there.

The plush chickens are packed in cardboard eggs and sent along a conveyor belt to the next stage in the Easter event. A linear conveyor takes large boxes of eggs over a visitor passageway.

This is a special feature: your visitors can as it were “walk through” the machine. Customers love this – and so customer footfall at the end of that passageway rises.

An area of at least 3 x 11 m is required for the Easter present wrapping machine.

If your facility does not have 33 m² display space available but you are interested in this theme, please simply contact us and we can produce a smaller version.

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