The emancipation of hens

The farmer and his wife have said their farewells and headed off to Easter Island on holiday.
All the Easter bunnies are also completely worn out, and have decided to join them.

The hens have been left on the farm and now have to manage Easter on their own.
They have emancipated themselves from the bunnies and now decorate for themselves the eggs they have laid.


The following story is told with speaking figures and beautifully constructed sets in a series of different scenes:
Feathered farmers use a paint pallet to paint eggs. In the factory area, the hens add detailed decorations.
Everything is running smoothly, only the cock can’t cope with the fact that he is hardly needed.
He is always complaining. That is why the hens have tied him to a post and he now looks on helplessly as the feathered ladies manage Easter egg production and design on their own.

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