The Teddy Bears’ Christmas Market

The unconventional  rental attraction for your winter season

Who could not love cute teddy bears?
It is every kids dream, and every adult´s fond memory of a trusted childhood friend.
So it is about time we gave them some fun for Christmas and have the teddies enjoy our christmas fun park.
Complete with freefall tower, ferris wheel and a real and fully functional rollercoaster, not only the bears will have the time of their lifes.

We ensure that your customers will really enjoy it, too.
The unique mixture of unconventional approach, humor and just total cuddly cuteness will create smiles and joy on every visitor´s face.

And isn´t that really the big whish for christmas?


Colorful and joyful
For all ages
Easy to set up
Trusted quality

Teddy bear´s best Christmas  is a  tested and true quality entertainment setpiece that has steadily been growing since its premeire in 2006. Several new “bear rides” have since then been added to this winter version of the teddy bear fairground.

An ideal showpiece for those who are looking for a new way to create an attractive christmas atmosphere without just repeating the cliches.

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