This Christmas Train Can Make Childhood Dreams Come True for Adults Too!

Christmas is all about happy customers!

And you can make them happy with the Christmas train, the enchanting customer attraction for narrow exhibition spaces.

3 good reasons why the Christmas train by von Hippel GmbH is the right attraction for your Christmas season:

Flexibility:  configure the train how you need it- up to almost 30 meters in length
Lovable details: You want your customers to discover something new and delightful on every visit
Reliability: You want to focus on your business- we take care of your exhibition.

With over 23 years of experience and several hundreds of exhibitions delivered von Hippel GmbH is the professional partner you can rely on!


For those who have a long yet narrow exhibition space or aisle, this cute train exhibit is the ultimate winter season attraction. For the full size version you should have a space of 2,5 x 30 meters. However, due to its modular system, the attraction can also easily be split and spread over several spaces.

Here´s all the components of the full fledged Christmas train – these include the steam engine locomotive,  the coal trailer, the music wagon,  the balloon wagon with sledge, the washing and baking wagon, the mice wagon and the gift wrapping wagon.

Of course, all those cute reindeer, mice, snowmen and dwarfes are included.
Want to take your time and study all the cute details of the Christmas train?
Just check out the gallery!

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