A Wonderland of Books

How would it be if the characters of all our favorite fairy tales could step out of the books and into reality?

Now you can let your customers experience and enjoy exactly that- from Cinderella to Gulliver´s travels, they all come alive in the

Wonder-World of Books


Facts about the Wonder-world of books exhibition:

• Rental exhibition with giant 3 m tall books and famous scenes of classical fairy tales
• 4 thematic islands with internationally known book-stories
• loaded with famous fairy tale heroes and figures such as  Gulliver, Snow white, Peter Pan, Jim Knopf, Jack Frost, Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland , Pinocchio, Robber Hotzenplotz, Aladin, Rapunzel and the snow queen
• large and colorful decorations and set-pieces
• all together 200 square meters of exhibits

Write your own success story this Christmas season with the Worder-world of books

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