Gift Wrapping Machine

This year you can offer your customers a really intriguing and exclusive behind the scenes look of Santa´s workshop.
After all, we are in the 21st Century now, so even Santa Clause has to industrialize.

Together with his loyal helpers, the green elvins, he wraps all those gifts day in and day out, and gets them ready for delivery to all those waiting children- and adults- all over the world.


The modern Christmas rental exhibition full of color, movement and joy.
The giftwrapper machine includes the following elements:

• 1 large turning drum
• 1 animated convreyor belt
• 1x 32″ screen with custom animation film
• 1 aluminum  crossbeam system portal
• 1 linear  moving system for turning gifts
• all surfaces fully decorated with printed vinyl
• 6 rotating large cogs
• 3 rotating giftwrap coils
• 1 Forklift with gifts
• 12 animated figures

The whole exhibit builds up to a maximum height of 500 cm!
Transform your mall into Santa´s giant gift production A fun exhibition for the whole family!

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