The book Elves

Books are still the most popular Christmas presents

So for this winter season, we let the Elvins work on your giant books.
Busy over four fully animated and colorful scenes, the Elvins write text, bind the books , work on a giant colorful printing machine, plan the distribution of the fantasy filled Christmas books all over the world on a giant globe and show the visitor just how much creativity and love goes into creating a real book.


Colorful & for the whole family
Animated and fascinating
A fresh look on Christmas
Superb attention to detail
Sophisticated touch
International appeal

Make your customers spellbound this year with the magic of the books!
Your exhibition space is limited?
No problem- The book Elvins is super compact and flexible!

Above: Layout schematics for the scenes 1 & 2, the book Elvins writing and the giant globe scene.
Both scenes are compact and easy to place even in smaller and lower exhibition spaces or aisles.
Below: The two smaller scenes, the sleeping Elvin on a book, and the book printing machine.

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