The Christmas circus

Welcome to The Christmas circus

It’s a big industry trend at Christmas to bring the circus theme into focus once again. There has been a Christmas circus in Stuttgart, Berlin and many other cities for 24 years now.
Especially the Christmas events of the artistic industry show the great potential to inspire visitors. Roncalli and Co. mobilise many visitors once again at the end of the year. The Westpark in Ingolstadt also followed this trend and invited the public to get a whiff of Christmas circus air on the Plaza.

The showpiece theme can also be spread over several action areas in your centre to evoke a Christmas circus feeling among your customers.

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The Christmas circus includes many moving figures.
A seal, an elephant, hippos, polar bears, badgers, hamsters, reindeer, badgers, moles, frogs and a fox as tamer belong to the team of artists.

You can find the entire ensemble in the circus figures section.


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