Christmas in a Box

A whimsical world comes alive

It is all business as usual in the whimsical world of Santa Claus and his elvins. There are gifts to be wrapped, the sled needs to be loaded and the reindeer want to be well fed before flying out on another delivery round to make people around the world happy on christmas day.  But like in every good family, things do not always work that smooth…

As we all know, not all elvins are created equal. And of course small rivalries and childish minds under large green hats are a recipe for trouble!  Did you ever wonder why you sometimes whished for some christmas present soo much, but you just never got it? Well, maybe Santa Claus had the best intentions, but somewhere in the delivery chain there was a naughty elvin messing things up…

Or maybe the reindeer just did not find the way…

Christmas in a Box gives the viewer a humorous yet enchanting look behind the scenes on the normal crazyness of a working day in Santa Clause´s world. Enjoy!


What is Christmas in a Box?

To say it short: Christmas in a box is all the Christmas decor you really need to make your point of sale a true attraction. The house of Santa Claus, equipped with three windows displaying a custom made animation film, combined with truly lovable animatronic figures make this a full storytelling christmas attraction on a small 2,40 by 1,40 meter footprint.  You can choose between an exterior view house, watching Santa at work in his office, or an interior house, offering a fun-filled view from Santa´s office into the snowy wonderland outside.

Of course you can also  combine the two to form a complete and compelling narrative.

Christmas in a box is the ideal eyecatcher and customer entertainment for small spaces, works brilliant inside a shopping mall christmas exhibition, or as a stand alone attraction inside a retail store or restaurant. With its unique mixture of traditional christmas motifs and playful humor, Christmas in a Box appeals to audiences of all ages alike.

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