Santa's elves -Figures and all the themed decoration

Group of Figures Christmas Elves-with button eyes (8 pieces)

  • Product Nu. : 52-0052-GR
  • Price on Request


Description: Group of figures with movement ( 1 or 2 movements per figure)

Electric: 230 Volt / 24 Volt

1 x transformer 230 / 24 Volt

Figure size 85 cm to 110 cm mixed.



Bending Figure Christmas Elf

  • Product Nu. : 52-0048-FG
  • Price on Request


You can bend the arms and legs of this Christmas elf so that the figure can be brought into almost any desired position.

This is advantageous if you want to integrate lying, standing and sitting figures into your decoration.

Scope of supply: 1 body with fastenings for 2 flexible arms with gloves, one immovable standing leg, 2 flexible legs, 1 seat iron, 1 stand plate, 1 figure head, figure clothing, 1 pair of shoes.

Translated with



Books-elf themed decoration planning office with globe

  • Product Nu. : 52-0002-GR
  • Price on Request



The books elves are planning the transport of books in the world.

On the big globe the places of delivery are marked.

The ball rotates slowly. The globe has a diameter of 150 cm.

An elf marking the places of delivery, an elf studied the delivery notes, an elf grabs a book.

Scope of supply: 3 x elf figure with movement, 1 x globe with rotation, 2 x Big Books, 1 x Head 1 x small book, 1 x artificial Christmas tree 210 cm, 2 x small tree, 3 x Tranformer / PSU 230/24 volt for figures, 1 x transformer / power supply for Globus, 1 x decoration Package (small books, lists, plans, office supplies, maps), 10 x concrete books, 15 meter cord


Books-elf- Themed decoration with large inkwell

  • Product Nu. : 52-0001-GR
  • Price on Request

Books are the most popular Christmas gifts. The books-elves write the lyrics, bind books and glues the spine.


An elf reads a book, Elf stamps a page, an elf tinkers on a cover.

2 great books, an inkwell and 3 fir trees and a lot of detail decoration dominate the scene.

Scope of supply: 3 x elves with movement, 3x transformer 1 x 90 cm diameter with Inkwell, 1 large nib, 2 great books, 3 x artificial Christmas tree, decoration material, 10 x concrete Books, 15 meter cord


Books-elven Topics Decoration - Christmas Cards Printing

  • Product Nu. : 52-0003-GR
  • Price on Request

With the printing press the Print Elves Christmas postcards. The rollers of the machine rotate. It stomps and rattles. Lots of cards lying on the floor, hang on a line to dry and an elf filled color.

Under the machine is red carpeting. In baskets are freshly printed sheets. An EF cuts the cards. A Christmas Elf operates the machine. An elf checks the print job.

1 x Elf with scissors, 1 x Elf on the shift lever, 1 x Elf with scissors, 1 x Elf with printed sheets, 1 x printing press (2 x package 120 x 80 x 150 cm), 2 x Tannenbaum 210 cm, decoration package printing tools, Clothesline, greeting cards, 4 x Transformatorfür figures, 2 x transformer for printing machine, 5 x concrete books.


Christmas elf attracts the slide canvas

  • Product Nu. : 52-0014-FG
  • Price on Request


Figures size 110 cm

1-2 moving ever figure

Electricity 230 V / 24 volt transformer / power supply included.



Christmas Elf feeding reindeer

  • Product Nu. : 52-0012-FG
  • Price on Request

Figures Size: 75 cm, Movements: 1.2, Power connection 230/24 Volt Additional Equipment: Basket with lichen


Christmas Elf riding reindeer

  • Product Nu. : 52-0011-GR
  • Price on Request

Height 170 cm, head moving left right

Special Equipment:
Bridle and saddle blanket

Figure Christmas Elf:
Size 110 cm, head movement and arm movement

2 x transformer / power supply 230 / 24V


Christmas Elf with rope over his shoulder

  • Product Nu. : 52-0015-FG
  • Price on Request


Figures size 110 cm 1-2 moving ever figure Electricity 230 V / 24 volt transformer / power supply included.



Christmas elves load a train

  • Product Nu. : 52-0042-GR
  • Price on Request


Piece placement:

1 elf is operating a crane,

1 elf is holding stuffed animals,

1 elf carries a package,

1 Elf carries a stack of parcels,

1 elf is bending over the trailer

Dimensions: Figure size 110 cm. Showpiece length approx. 3 meters

Additional delivery:

1 wooden crane, 1 St. Andrew's Cross, 1 driving signal from wood, 1 track body 3 meters long, 1 carriage with packages, 1 locomotive without driving function, 2 trailers without driving function with cargo from parcels.

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