Christmas house XXL with manufactory

Product Nu. : 20-2241-GR
Price on Request


Christmas house without theater function:

354 cm wide 443 cm deep, 341 cm high. Including chimney 425 cm high

Scope of delivery:

Santa Claus sitting in chair 140 cm with head and

Body movements.

Planungswichtel 75 cm, reindeer 90 cm, woodwichtel Bruno 75 cm, Theo

with the broom 75 cm, Wichtelmutter Minchen 75 cm, Wichtel mit

Hockey stick 75 cm, wig with rasp 75 cm, telephone jack 75


8 figures (Wichtel) 75 cm for the other rooms, sheds and

Bay window of the building and for the exterior landscape.

Bird houses, fir trees 210 cm and smaller, small decoration,

Birds, squirrels.

All figures are movable. Small decorators are without movement