Christmas Train - Washing and baking wagon

Product Nu. : 20-2249-GR
Price on Request

Description: This 300 cm long Wagon (2 x packages to 150 cm in length) are the gift - socks washed in a washing machine and dried in a movable clothesline. Batter is conveyed in an oven with a conveyor belt. Ready muffins go with a conveyor belt in the next following Wagon. 3 Moving Elf figures carry out the work.

Figures and functions:

1 x stationary chassis (300 cm long) with 4 rotating axes and 8 tooth - wheels

1 x Elf with clothespin on his nose hangs large sock on the clothesline, 1 Elf splattered with batter, 1 x Elf rotates with wine bottle, 1 x belt with batter, 1 x oven with 3 D animation of the baking process, 1 x Monitor 3 D representation, 1 x belt with finished muffins, 1 x washing machine with rotating wash, 1 x water tank, 1 x clothesline with 2 movable axes and V-belts, 1 x dormer with clock


230 Volt for LG motor, 24 volt for Figures drive, 1 x rotary actuator 230 volts for Elf, 3 x transformer 230/24 V for figures, 2 x transformer for conveyor belts, 1 x 230 volt motor for clothesline.