Teecups Swinging tee cups with voice and sound

Product Nu. : 37-1001-TE
Price on Request


1. teacups model with face diameter 280 mm, height 190mm, made of clay, eyes D / 60mm, glasslike GfK form, 2-piece 2. 1 shoe model height 160mm, made of clay, silicone mold with GfK-retaining shape, 2-piece 3. Production of 3 cups of execution as GfK-laminate with Gel-Coat Oberffläche 3 pairs of eyes D / 60mm, similar to glass 4. Production of 3 pairs of shoes design as PU casting A85 5. Wooden shelf with Color, eingebautemMotor, drive rods, Coloration of teacups, sound storage with built-in loudspeaker. Small sequencer Weigl. Movement: vast / swaying motion as a trio.