Reindeer group with Santa Claus and gift wrap wagon

Product Nu. : 20-2272-GR
Price on Request


The Santa Claus has a new packaging service. With a trailer he drives to the families. During the trip, gifts are still packed. The Christmas elves help during the journey. They get involved with the gift ribbon.


4 x reindeer with head movement,

1 x Elf with 2 moves riding on reindeer

1 x Santa Claus 140 cm with 2 movements,

1 x reindeer rotating in ribbon,

1 x Christmas car with 2 movements in the car

1 x trailer with 4 rotating axles and 8 wheels as buttons

1 x light chain

Dimensions: Built up 2 x 6 meters

Electricity: 8 transformers 230/24 Volt, 1 x 230 Volt supply line for trailer.