Rabbits on the farm Easter selection

Product Nu. : 2-7484-GR
Price on Request


1 x hare woman hangs up laundry

1 x bunny girl pours the flowers

1 x bunny mistet stall

1 x hare is sleeping in the straw

1 x bunny feeds cow

1 x hare rakes the bed

1x bunny maid carries milk jug

1x hare woman feeds pigs

1 x bunny brings food bucket

1x hare woman collects eggs

1 x rabbit with chicken in his arms

1 x rabbit woman is planting fresh vegetables possible kneeling

Figure size: 75 cm

Move it: 1 or 2 movements per figure

Power: 12 x transformer or power supply 230 / 24 Volt included.

Items in ( ) are not included.