Crazy Chicken - Group with 21 figures

Product Nu. : 2-0018-GR
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Chicken figures 75 cm -90 cm. Movable group of figures according to the following description. Power connection 230 Volt. Operating voltage 24 volts. Each figure performs at least one movement.

3 chickens dunk eggs in a staining pot including dyeing pot

3 chickens paint eggs

1 chicken is packing eggs

1 chicken carries egg-boards

1 chicken lays eggs

1 chicken records order on block

1 chicken with headphone accepts egg orders

1 chicken cuts wrapping paper

1 chicken decorates colored eggs with ornamental lines

1 chicken pulls cart with load of egg cartons

1 chicken pulls cart with load of painted eggs

1 chicken hangs eggs on the drying rack

1 Chicken chicken is typing on typewriter

1 chicken with brush strokes

1 chicken designs new painting patterns on the blackboard

1 chicken is on the phone with the Easter Island (Where are the rabbits?)

1 chicken stamps ornaments on eggs

Figure size 60 - 80 cm




21 transformers 230 volts / 24 volts

Each figure with 1 or 2 movements