Bakery dough production with animal figures

Product Nu. : 20-2203-GR
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Dough production in the bakery

1 showpiece scene of the Grand Showpiece -

The animal sweet Christmas bakery

1 bakery box with 2 figures (mouse and beaver) movable

1 bakery box with 1 figure (mole) movable

Figures outside the bakery boxes:

1 hedgehog brings flour sacks, 75 cm movable stand.

1 mouse reads cookie recipes, 75 cm moving Seat.

1 hare u. 1 badger stick out cookies, 75 cm / 85 cm

bewegl. standing

1 table

1 hamster brings cookies on the baking tray to the bakery

70 cm moving standing

Small decoration package incl. Christmas trees various Gr .:

122 cm - 213 cm,

Grain sacks, baking ingredients and 1 shelf