Our virtual bakery team bakes for you and your customers!

The virtual bakery is always busy. The Seewindow Back-Team in the beautiful old mill is busy at work, to make and bake bread, rolls and nut slices for the customers by hand according to the best bakery tradition.
For the waiting bakery customers and café guests, this provides an interesting insight into the processes of a traditional craft bakery.
But of course, the humor in the entertainment is not too short, because one of the bakers, played by the famous Belgian pantomime, Robin David, always brings in funny way, unpredictable actions in the story.
The team around the strict master baker, his three journeymen and the young apprentice girl, show in a loop film of about 30 minutes all important artisanal processes of bread and bread production.
From grain milling in the classic grain mill to the preparation of dough in a kneader to the shaping of bread and rolls, the customer can observe the development of various pasta products
Accompanied by humorous deposits of a sympathetic but slightly chaotic baker, the customer gets in a fun way the most important processes in the bakery trade brought closer.


The technology behind the illusion
The virtual bakery by SEEWINDOW is designed so that it can be installed in 3 variants. The customer preference, the design and not least the budget of the customer influence the external appearance of the virtual Bachstube.
This means:
Possible is a window with a full-surface 24/7 * monitor with 75 inches,
with two 24/7 * monitors each 55 inches and finally
with three 24/7 * monitors, each 42 inches.
The film is adapted to each of these formats so that when the monitors are installed correctly, the viewing perspective and proportions are 100% in line with reality.
The customers and / or the viewers actually get the feeling to observe a real scene in a brook through a window.
In the stylistic design of the window frames and covers, the customer is free, so that the window can fit visually in the existing store.
The standardized installation kits for the “virtual bakery” generally consist of:
– high quality 24/7 screens, *
– ready-configured players,
– cables,
– Monitor mounts and network accessories
– including installation instructions and film software by Seewindow.
Depending on the number of monitors, the following sets are designed:
• Ready to install window 1 wing with a player and 1x movie software from Seewindow on SD card, 1x a75 inch monitor, 1 x monitor holder, cable
• Ready-to-install 2-wing window frame with monitor mount, 2 x 24/7 monitor, 55-inch, 2 x player, 2 x Seewindow movie software and networking accessories
• Ready-to-install window frame (3 wings) with 3 x 24/7 42-inch monitor, 3 players, cables, network accessories and 3 x Seewindow movie software
Special formats and customized installations are of course possible on request.
Perfect entertainment for bakers and customers
Since it is not a self-contained documentary or even commercial, but a “real-time look” in a bakery, the customer can at any time in the movie “get started”, either as a nice distraction in the 2 minute wait in the queue, or as unobtrusive entertainment, while he enjoys a small breakfast at the coffee table. Through the Seewindow Digital Environment principles, the look in the virtual bakery remains interesting even after many visits to the bakery business and is not perceived as intrusive, since it is not an advertising film in the strict sense. This movie is like looking out the window. From our own experience we know that a short pause and look out of the window relaxed and decelerated. These short moments never get boring.
The Seewindows bakery introduces the baking industry in a fun and emotional way to the bakery customer. It offers an insight into the craft and helps the bakery business, in the sales room in a humorous way to bridge the waiting time with a look through the window.
Through these two factors, – information about baking and on the other by the entertaining pastime, you can bind for your customers and become the baker of the trust.
Because, quite honestly, which customer today is still impressed by repetitive and exuberant quality promises and billboards with pictures of hands full of fresh grain?
The promotional message from Seewindow is subtle, humorous and very entertaining, offering real customer value.

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