Frequently asked Questions:
Are they running with power or battery?
Answer: Our figures work mainly with 24 Volt operating voltage, but use 230 Volt from the socket. Transformers or power supplies are transformed into the low-voltage range. This creates security for every user.

Where are the characters produced?
Answer: We produce in Germany and use high-quality materials mainly from German and European suppliers. The engines not only run like clockwork, they also come from a mountainous country of origin of the watch industry.

How big is a figure like that?
Answer: Standard sizes are 75 cm, 120 cm and 180 cm size. Custom-made products up to 450 cm are also not a problem for us.

Do I have to buy such a figure if I only need it for a certain period of time?
Answer: You do not need to buy an airplane for a flight to Mallorca.
All the figures for the interior can also be rented for a certain period of time.

What weighs such a figure about?
Answer: our 75 cm figures weigh 7.5 kg on average.

How do the figures come to us?
Answer: We send small individual figures up to 75 cm with DHL or other parcel services.
Same figure size but several figures fit 6 or 8 pieces in a pallet box and are then sent by forwarding agency.

Transport by tenant?
Answer: We have the parcels or masks collected by parcel service or forwarding company.

What materials are the figures made of?
Answer: We use steel, polyurethanes, polyester resins, confectionary materials, plush material, and natural materials such as wood, linen, wool and cotton.